Christmas And New Year Festivities In Odessa

Christmas And New Year Festivities In Odessa




December 21 – January 8

The town of Bethlehem in the City Garden

The Odessan Bethlehem will feature Merchant, Sorcerer, Artisan and Fishermen Quarters, where one can taste the cuisines of all nationalities residing in the Odessa region.


December 24

Odessa’s Community Christmas Tree

At noon on December 24th Odessites will begin decorating the public Christmas tree with personally hand-made toys that will be sold later at a charity auction.


December 31

New Year’s Night Celebration by the city Christmas Tree in Dumskaya Square


January 4 – January 10

Exhibition of gingerbread houses at Korobchinskiy Art Center

The main theme of the gingerbread exhibit is Ukraine’s landmarks. Participants will make sweet creations in the shape of famous architectural structures. A coffee shop, a Christmas fair and master classes will be available at the event.


January 6 and 7

Christmas open-air festivities in the City Garden


January 7

Festival of Christmas Carols in Deribasovskaya Street


January 7

Father Frost Bike Ride

Father Frosts — as well as Saint Nicks, Santa Clauses, Snow Maidens, Reindeer and Snowmen — will ride their bicycles from Deribasovska Street, through the center of town, to Gamova Square, and hand out presents to children.