Kyiv, December 15 – February 15: “HA City”

Kyiv, December 15 – February 15: “HA City”


“HA City” is a joint project of the National Art Museum of Ukraine and the Kharkiv Municipal Gallery, which explores the avant-garde movement the art of Kharkiv over last 100 years.

The avant-garde in Kharkiv is a voluminous theme that includes visual art, literature, and theater. It would be impossible to explore its entirety in a single project. Therefore, “HА City” is the personal view of Sergiy Bratkov and Tetyana Tumasyan, who are the curators of the project, on the city’s culture, reflecting key elements in the art of Kharkiv. Specifically, these elements are the sign, the text and the word.

The stars of the exhibition are the Derzhprom, the avant-garde artists of the early twentieth century (Vasyl Yermilov, Boris Kosarev, Maria Sinyakova), the non-conformists (such as Vagrich Bakhchanyan), the Kharkiv photography school (Boris Mikhailov, Yevgen Pavlov), the “heirs to the avant-guard” (Vitaliy Kulikov , Pavel Makov) and figures of contemporary art in Kharkiv (Artem Volokitin, Hamlet Zinkivsky, Roman Minin, Alina Kleitman, Ivan Svitlychny, Vitaliy Kokhan).

Project curators: Tetyana Tumasyan, Sergiy Bratkov.

Exhibition Opening: December 15, 06:30 p.m.