Kyiv, February 12 – Special Presentation: Ukrainian-Jewish Relations

Kyiv, February 12 – Special Presentation: Ukrainian-Jewish Relations

Illustation by Katya Filimonova

The M.A. program in Jewish Studies at NaUKMA, History Department of NaUKMA, the Ukrainian Association for Jewish Studies, Ukrainian Jewish Encounter and The Odessa Review invite you to the presentation of The Odessa Review’s special issue about Ukrainian-Jewish relations.

For many centuries, Ukrainians and Jews lived on the same land. The history of their cohabitation has has many difficult moments  and has had moments of tension. But along with those conflicts there were also many examples of their cooperation and mutual influence in literature, art, politics, even in the cuisine or humor. Ukrainian writers and journalists often turned to Jewish themes, while Jewish writers and politicians often discussed Ukrainian issues. In this special issue of The Odessa Review, a wide variety of Ukrainian and international intellectuals, writers and artists discussed various aspects of the past and present of the relationship between Ukrainians and Ukrainian Jewry.

Presenters: Vladislav Davidzon (Editor-In-Chief), Serhiy Hirik, Vitaly Chernoivanenko, Vladyslav Hrynevych.

The presentation will take place on Monday, February 12, at 6:00 p.m. at address: St. Voloska 8/5, 5th building of NaUKMA, basement (office of Jewish Studies Programs), Aud. 2