March 26: US Air Force Jazz Band Comes To Odessa Philharmonic

March 26: US Air Force Jazz Band Comes To Odessa Philharmonic




One of the most interesting events dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and the United States is the arrival of the US Air Force Jazz Band “The Ambassadors,” under the command of Colonel Don Scofield.

The orchestra, stationed at the German airbase “Ramstein,” was founded in 1945. The creativity of this flexible ensemble is easily adapted to any event – from the musical accompaniment of official military ceremonies to performances at jazz festivals and in concert halls. The program “The Ambassadors” features a large number of musical works that are well-loved by any audience.

The musicians of the orchestra are called “musical ambassadors of America” ​​with good reason. The program that the ensemble will perform in Ukraine is dedicated to the world-famous American jazzman and founder of the first US Air Force orchestra — Glen Miller. Despite the band’s history being rooted in Miller’s music, the current repertoire also includes familiar tunes, Broadway and Hollywood classics, New Orleans Dixieland and Big Band arrangements, jazz improvisations, overtures, marches.

7pm at the Odessa Philharmonic, 15 Bunina Street