September 28 – October 1: Odessa International Literature Festival

September 28 – October 1: Odessa International Literature Festival


From September 28 to October 1, 2017, the 3rd International Literature Festival will be take place in Odessa. The purpose of the festival is to emphasize the cultural and fabled multiculturalism of Odessa. The widely beloved literary festival is one of the three best in contemporary Ukraine and it taking place continues the strengthening of ties between Odessa and other cultural metropolises all over the world. That cosmopolitanism of taste is reflected in the catholicity of  the festival’s program, which pays attention not only to the Eastern European themes and the Black Sea region as a whole, but also to the festivals led by Hans Ruprecht and Ulrich Schreiber in Switzerland and Berlin. The event promises to be truly international and will feature performances by authors from 20 countries from around the world – Ukraine, Russia, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, France, Canada, USA, Mexico.

In addition to literary readings the festival will also feature discussions on political topics devoted to Europe, as well as to other countries of the world. The festival will be held in two languages: the texts of foreign authors will be read in the original language and in Ukrainian translation. Discussions will be accompanied by live translation.

The main portion of the program will be held in the Odessa Literary Museum.

September 28 – October 1, Odessa