Weekend, 8-10 April

Weekend, 8-10 April

The list to do this Weekend




Go To The Theater

April 8 at  6:30 P.M.
`Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors`8.04_teni-zabytyh-predkov(4)This play has been long awaited by Odessa`s theater lovers. The theater is putting on one of the best known works of Ukrainian classical literature — Mikhail Kotsyubinsky’s story of “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”.The director Ivan Uryvsky has created modern setting in which the performance takes place in the conditions of an  experimental theater workshop. “The Viewer on a Scene”. The audience will be sitting on stage during the duration of the performance.
Seating is limited.
Odessa academic Ukrainian musical and drama theater of V. S. Vasilko
15, Pastera Street
+38 048 723 55 66

Geek Out to Conceptual Art

April 8 at 3 P.M.
Exhibition opening of Arthur Izraylyan.

08.04_Artur(2)A mini retrospective for this accomplished local artist. This is the opening of the weekend for the Odessa art world.
Odessa Art Museum
5a, Sofievska St.
+38 048 723 72 87

Eat a Kebab and Picnic to Welcome the Spring!

April 10 at 8 p.m.
Tzimes Market №19 “Kebab Market”09.04_цимес

The latest iteration of the popular Odessa folk food market will focus more heavily on the humble Kebab. The first 1000 people to arrive will be given a complimentary glass of champagne – yes indeed, free of charge!
Factory of Champagne Wine
36, Frantsuzkyj Boulevard

The Odessa Review Presents the `Socalled` Babel Party

April 10 at 9:00 p.m.
Johsua  Dolgin `SOCALLED`plays a `Babel party`

Email sent from: "Rayner, Ben" brayner@thestar.ca Subject: FW: Socalled photo Date: 15 June, 2015 3:12:21 AM EDT Cc: "Teplitsky, Ariel" ateplitsky@thestar.ca , "Yeo, Debra" dyeo@thestar.ca , "Loureiro, Christine" cloureiro@thestar.ca , "De Fenoyl, Dianne" ddefenoyl@thestar.ca Montreal rapper/producer/composer/playwright/puppeteer/etc. Josh "Socalled" Dolgin. Photo credit: Richmond Lam

Famed Klezmer musician and nerdcore hip hop innovator Dolgin is a legendary figure and musical innovator. He will be visiting Odessa this weekend and will be playing a unique show at Dzingoff.
5, Katerinenska  Square
+38 050 542 42 16

Dust out your Classic Rocker Persona

April 10 at 7.00 p.m.
Boris Grebenshchikov10.04_BG(3)

Grebenshchikov is a living legend of late Soviet and Russian rock and was one of the most prominent figures of the early Soviet youth culturer from the 1970s onwards. The birth of his group ‘Aquarium’ was a decisive moment in the development of the whole of Russian contemporary musical culture. In his thirty years of creative activity he has penned the scores for a variety of movies and released almost 70 albums. (In Russian)
Odessa Philharmonic Hall
15, Bunina Street
+38 048 722 63 49