Juice Delight for a Healthy Odessa Lifestyle

Juice Delight for a Healthy Odessa Lifestyle


The growing global emphasis on healthy living has proved a big hit in Ukraine. In recent years, the country has witnessed a surge in interest in phenomenon like the detox culture, which is becoming a central element of today’s health-conscious lifestyles. Sporting activities are also fast becoming an integral part of modern family life, with parents and children taking part in activities ranging from marathons to sports festivals. This is especially true in Odessa, with its culture of outdoors sports traditions, ‘Odessa Brighton Beach’, and seaside environment, However, the twin issues of physical fitness and healthy eating are still widely ignored by Ukrainian schools and kindergartens. The western style culture of nutritional awareness with the usual accompanied growth in health food cafes and shops has only recently begun to develop. This has also led to the emergence of detox juices and training accompanying training programs.

Я и сок2 Alexandra Sinyacheva
Healthy lifestyle guru and founder of ‘We Love Detox, We Love Running, We Love Yoga’ campaign.

“It is my job to explain the value of cold pressed juice to health-conscious audiences. It is squeezed out of fruits, vegetables and even herbs without heating them. This helps to preserve all the end product’s myriad health benefits. When one used cold pressing, all the enzymes are preserved, which makes this kind of juice particularly wholesome. It can be stored for up to 48 hours in the fridge so you can either drink it immediately or leave it for tomorrow. The effect will be the same: you will gain a sense of easiness and the replenishment of vitamins. Just imagine – you can replace all the vitamins you used to get from tablets via locally grown vegetables, fruits and herbs! I started producing detox juices last year and I was the first to do it in Ukraine. It was quite difficult to acquaint people with this product. Besides juice production, I conduct workshops about juice cleansing, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. They are not only face-to-face, but also virtual, as there are people who are eager to take part in them all around Ukraine and across the world.”


Being conscious of what you eat is crucial for health. Nevertheless, in Ukrainian schools the subject is completely ignored, unlike in America, where it is taught in schools. We don’t know where the products in our supermarkets come from or the way in which they are produced. We are not encouraged to pay attention to seasonality and forget about the impact that local food can have on our organisms. Happily, there are a lot of self-respecting people who attend healthy living and sports seminars.
Fresh juice is the perfect way to start the new day, but not everyone has time to prepare their own juices from a range of ingredients. That’s why we created our detox juice delivery service – so nobody can have an excuse for missing their morning juice! Our courier will wake you up with a call and will deliver the juice any time you wish! You can drink these juices as a vitamin potion every day or you can choose a specific diet day for particular needs. This kind of diet is regularly chosen by celebrities. Now Odessa girls have the chance to do so too!

Our juices are delicious and nutritious. Each drink is unique and comes with a cool name that explains it`s impact on the body and mind.
`Wake Up` juice is self explanatory. Besides portions of carrot and apple, it also contains a dose of ginger that creates a welcome awakening effect.
`AfterParty` juice is a good idea after a hard party or overeating. Beetroot cleans the organism from heavy metals, cleans the blood and liver and normalizes the metabolism.
`Iconic Detox` juice mainly consists of herbs and can alkalize your organism and even renew it, replacing the salad that you don’t have time to eat. A bottle of juice contains 2-3 bunches of spinach, several cucumbers, green apples and a little lemon. This is a must-have drink!
We also have sweet mixes with cinnamon, pineapples, citruses, and grapefruit & carrot juice – that is our men’s special.