Ukr – Fr Discuss # 1: Irena Karpa Opens A Ukrainian Art...

Ukr – Fr Discuss # 1: Irena Karpa Opens A Ukrainian Art Exhibition In Paris


On May 26th at the Ukrainian Cultural Center in Paris, Irena Karpa, a Ukrainian-French writer and first secretary for cultural issues with the Ukrainian Embassy, is inaugurating an exhibition featuring the works of young Ukrainian and French artists.

The exhibition is representative of the independent art scene in Ukraine and France. It takes a creative approach to form and content, from gardening to multimedia, from minimalist irony to architectural sophistication. While the main inspiration for the project is to discover new names in contemporary art, it also features some well-known participants. Ukraine is represented by five artists, hailing from Kyiv and Odessa, including Maya Kolesnik — a Pinchuk Art Prize nominee who is currently living in Lyon. Among the French artists are designer Vincent Kamparten, Sarah Monte, and others. The exhibition runs through June 9th.