New Odessa Courses Offer Computer Programming for the Blind

New Odessa Courses Offer Computer Programming for the Blind


Odessa continues to lead the way in terms of IT innovation. The latest development is a new four-month program offering visually impaired Odessites the opportunity to learn how to use JAVA and create mobile devices applications. This is the first such initiative in Ukraine.

“We want to teach blind persons the programming elements which they will be able to use to implement their own projects,” explained course trainer Dmitry Larin, an associate professor of information technologies at the Odessa National Academy of Communication.

The program will involve lectures and coursework in the special Eclipse program, with audio materials provided to students via email.

“We are faced by two challenges: the first challenge is to provide visually impaired people the chance to master programming and adapt to the fast-changing information society we live in. The second challenge is to give them the skills to gain employment with IT companies,” the officials behind the program commented.