Top 5 of July 29th to July 31st

Top 5 of July 29th to July 31st



Lively Fun with Amirova


July 29 at 10pm

Tatiana Amirova Concert

Tatiana Amirova’s bubbly personality and charisma is evident in her live performances. She recently performed at Odessa’s Day of Music and successfully captivated the crowd. She adds elements of soul, funk and jazz to her Jewish theme infused Odessa ballads. Come enjoy the musical stylings of Tatiana Amirova and dance a little!

Plyazhnik Club

13th station Bolshovo Fontana


Look into the Future and the Past!


July 30 at 7pm

Futuristic Opera

This show is inspired by the poem “Night Search” by Velimir Kolomiytseva and stars  the actor Alex Gorbunov. The show focuses on the riddle of time and the issue of events constantly repeat themselves century after century. The actors within time merely have different faces and names. This show challenges time and muses on how much the poem “Night Search” resonates over the years in recurring fashion.

Vasilko Odessa Academic Music and Drama Theater

15 Pastera Street


Listen to some virtuoso Piano with Soul


July 31 at 7pm

Benjamin Clementine

Clementine’s concerts are a triad of piano music with his shivering and sensual voice that inspire many. His exquisite and minimalistic concerts are very powerful and interesting. His appearance hasn’t changed since he used to play in subways and bars, he still is the same barefoot man in a long gray coat. He first garnered popularity when he moved to Paris. Some consider his first album to be the reincarnation of Nina Simone.

Green Theatre in the Shevchenko Park


Power Theater

The wall_2

July 31 at 8pm

Performance “The wall №…”

This is the powerful project about the boundaries of our lives by Canadian director, actor, and playwright who has collaborated with the Odessa International Theater Festival. This will be a week of foreign actors mixed with the masters of Ukrainian theater, students, volunteers and, of course, the audience. However, this play will only be presented once and is a must see.



15/17  Prymorska Street


Songs for the Weekend

Onuka (1)

July 31 at 10pm


The creator and the face of ONUKA, Nataliya Zhizhchenko, formerly performed as a part of Tomato Jaws and KOOQLA. In her new project ONUKA, she is the vocalist, composer, and author of lyrics. She is backed by percussion and keyboards. In its expanded form, the band will also feature two trombones, French horns, and the traditional Ukrainian bandura! An exciting performance awaits.

“Ibiza” Night Club

Arcadia Beach