Saturday, March 25, 2017



MARA Concept Beauty Salons Celebrate First Anniversary

Odessa’s MARA Concept Beauty Salon network is celebrating its first anniversary this spring. MARAMAX Group opened the first two salons of its new series...

Natalya Piro: Face of Ukrainian Fashion Week

The fact that Odessa is home to some of the the most beautiful girls in the world is no secret. Yet even by the...

L.A.P.T.I: Bringing Odessa to heel

The popular L.A.P.T.I Odessan shoe start-up has stepped out on to the runway of New-York Fashion Week. The Odessa born shoe brand entered the...

Benedikt Offers Odessans Breathtaking Breakfast World Tour

24-hour dining venue Benedikt offers Odessa residents and visitor the chance to embark on a culinary tour of the world’s best breakfast options this...

Odessa designer Tanu Muino: making the world jealous

JEALOUSY is the name of the emerging Odessa-based clothes brand that can already be found worldwide through both stores and online retailers in Ukraine,...

Fishing in and Around Odessa

Sea Fishing When one hears “Odessa”, “sea” is often the first association. For many tourists the sea means not only relaxing days at the beach,...
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