The charity evening “With love for children”

The charity evening “With love for children”




The nature of a human being is determined by his or her actions: a respect for others, the ability to give back to the community and charitable deeds. All these combine to form the personality of a mature person. The charity evening “With love for children” was held on February 18 at the Hotel Londonskaya restaurant, with the purpose of raising funds for the purchase of medical equipment for the department of hemo-oncology at the children’s regional hospital. The evening brought together all the wonderful people who were ready to show that they care with their actions rather than just with words… The creative program of the evening delighted guests with exquisite Grande Valee wine and the sweet sounds of saxophone, violin, piano, harpsichord and mandolin… The artists of the Odessa Russian Theater gave an inspired performance. Most importantly, through the efforts of the Creative College and partners of the Society Salon “Gold Club,” the founders of the Charity Fund “Serafim Sarovsky”, guests of the evening, as well as Marlow Navigation and Alpha Navigation companies — we managed to raise funds for the purchase of one of the two necessary pieces of equipment, which will be transferred to the children’s regional hospital in the nearest future. Detailed information can be found on the @ Society Salon “Gold Club” website.